• (adj): Retained without reflection.
    Example: "The absorbed light intensity"
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Southern Newspapers - Publications - Defunct Publications
... Angleton Times (1893–2004) - absorbed by the Brazosport Facts Texas City Sun (1912–2004) - absorbed by the Galveston County Daily News Weekly Post (1986–2010 ...
List Of University And College Mergers In The United States - L Through M
... University of Kentucky - absorbed the Louisville College of Pharmacy in 1947 ... University of La Verne - absorbed San Fernando Valley College of Law, 1983 Lawson State Community College - absorbed Bessemer State Technical College, 2005 ... Owen Junior College in 1968 Luther College - absorbed Decorah College for Women, 1936 Long Island University - absorbed Brooklyn College of Pharmacy, 1976 Loyola University Chicago -- absorbed ...
List Of University And College Mergers In The United States - N Through R
... National College - acquired Kentucky College of Business and absorbed Fugazzi College ... The New School (then the New School for Social Research) - absorbed Parsons School of Design in 1970 absorbed Mannes College of Music in 1989. 1925 acquired Polytechnic University in 2008 Northeastern University - absorbed Bouve College, 1964 Nova Southeastern University - merger of Nova University and Southeastern University of the ...
Taiwan Major League - Teams
... Taipei Gida (台北太陽), absorbed into First Financial Holdings Agan in 2003 ... Taichung Agan (台中金剛), absorbed into Macoto Gida in 2003 ... Chianan Luka (嘉南勇士), absorbed into Macoto Gida in 2003 ...
Resonance Fluorescence
... is at the same frequency as the light absorbed ... A photon is absorbed, causing an electron to jump to a higher energy level from which, after a delay, it falls back to its original level, emitting a photon having the same energy ... A photon, generally in a higher energy range, can also be absorbed by an atomic nucleus, and then new photons having lower energies are emitted in random directions ...

More definitions of "absorbed":

  • (adj): Taken in through the pores of a surface.
    Example: "The absorbed water expanded the sponge"

Famous quotes containing the word absorbed:

    For my own part, I commonly attend more to nature than to man, but any affecting human event may blind our eyes to natural objects. I was so absorbed in him as to be surprised whenever I detected the routine of the natural world surviving still, or met persons going about their affairs indifferent.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)

    Sternly, remorselessly, fate guides each of us; only at the beginning, when we’re absorbed in details, in all sorts of nonsense, in ourselves, are we unaware of its harsh hand.
    Ivan Sergeevich Turgenev (1818–1883)

    Realistic about how much one person can accomplish in a given day, women expect to have to make some trade-offs between work and family. Families, however, have absorbed all the stress and strain they possibly can. The entire responsibility for accommodation is taking place on the home side of the equation.
    Deborah J. Swiss (20th century)