Absolute Tense

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Relative And Absolute Tense
... Grammatical tenses are deictic that is, the time they refer to cannot be known without context ... may be either the moment of discourse or narration (a so-called absolute tense) or the moment under discussion (a so-called relative tense) ... English uses absolute tense ...
Al-Ikhlas - Interpretation and Commentary
... Something Absolute without any flaws ... Allah the Absolute is the Only One ... Lam – past tense negation – forces a verb to become past tense ...

Famous quotes containing the words tense and/or absolute:

    I don’t think Dr. King helped racial harmony, I think he helped racial justice. What I profess to do is help the oppressed and if I cause a load of discomfort in the white community and the black community, that in my opinion means I’m being effective, because I’m not trying to make them comfortable. The job of an activist is to make people tense and cause social change.
    Al, Reverend Sharpton (b. 1954)

    Absolute faith corrupts as absolutely as absolute power.
    Eric Hoffer (1902–1983)