2007 Chevy Rock & Roll 400 - Points Changes

Points Changes

Jeff Gordon left the track with a 312-point lead on second-place Tony Stewart. However, points were reset after the race, with each qualifying driver receiving a base score of 5000 points. Additional points were awarded on the basis of 10 per driver win. As a result, Gordon (four wins) dropped to second behind Johnson.

Rank Driver Pre-Chase
1 Jimmie Johnson 4
2 Jeff Gordon 1
3 Tony Stewart 2
4 Carl Edwards 6
5 Kurt Busch 10
6 Denny Hamlin 3
7 Martin Truex, Jr. 11
8 Matt Kenseth 5
9 Kyle Busch 8
10 Jeff Burton 7
11 Kevin Harvick 12
12 Clint Bowyer 9

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