2001 Grand Prix of Texas - Official Results

Official Results

Class winners in bold.

Pos Class No Team Drivers Chassis Tyre Laps
1 LMP900 1 Audi Sport North America Tom Kristensen
Rinaldo Capello
Audi R8 M 117
Audi 3.6L Turbo V8
2 LMP900 2 Audi Sport North America Frank Biela
Emanuele Pirro
Audi R8 M 117
Audi 3.6L Turbo V8
3 LMP900 50 Panoz Motor Sports Jan Magnussen
David Brabham
Panoz LMP07 M 117
Élan (Zytek) 4.0L V8
4 LMP900 38 Champion Racing Dorsey Schroeder
Andy Wallace
Audi R8 M 117
Audi 3.6L Turbo V8
5 LMP900 51 Panoz Motor Sports Klaus Graf
Gualter Salles
Panoz LMP-1 Roadster-S M 116
Élan 6L8 6.0L V8
6 LMP900 49 Panoz Motor Sports Jay Cochran
Richard Dean
Panoz LMP-1 Roadster-S M 113
Élan 6L8 6.0L V8
7 GTS 3 Corvette Racing Ron Fellows
Johnny O'Connell
Chevrolet Corvette C5-R G 108
Chevrolet 7.0L V8
8 GT 23 Alex Job Racing Lucas Luhr
Sascha Maassen
Porsche 911 GT3-RS M 108
Porsche 3.6L Flat-6
9 GT 22 Alex Job Racing Randy Pobst
Christian Menzel
Porsche 911 GT3-RS M 107
Porsche 3.6L Flat-6
10 GT 6 Prototype Technology Group Boris Said
Hans-Joachim Stuck
BMW M3 Y 107
BMW 3.2L I6
11 GT 30 Petersen Motorsports Johnny Mowlem
Bob Wollek
Porsche 911 GT3-R M 107
Porsche 3.6L Flat-6
12 GT 42 BMW Motorsport
Schnitzer Motorsport
Jörg Müller
JJ Lehto
BMW M3 M 107
BMW 3.2L I6
13 GT 99 Kelly-Moss Motorsports Anthony Lazzaro
Christophe Bouchut
Porsche 911 GT3-RS Y 106
Porsche 3.6L Flat-6
14 GT 10 Prototype Technology Group Bill Auberlen
Niclas Jönsson
BMW M3 Y 106
BMW 3.2L I6
15 GTS 45 American Viper Racing Erik Messley
Terry Borcheller
Dodge Viper GTS-R D 106
Dodge 8.0L V10
16 GT 52 Seikel Motorsport Stefano Buttiero
Tony Burgess
Porsche 911 GT3-RS Y 102
Porsche 3.6L Flat-6
17 GT 17 Trinkler Racing Owen Trinkler
Jeff Altenburg
Chevrolet Corvette C5 LM-GT G 98
Chevrolet 5.7L V8
18 GT 98 Kelly-Moss Motorsports Cort Wagner
Rick Polk
Porsche 911 GT3-R Y 98
Porsche 3.6L Flat-6
19 GTS 44 American Viper Racing Tom Weickardt
Joe Ellis
Dodge Viper GTS-R D 96
Dodge 8.0L V10
GTS 4 Corvette Racing Andy Pilgrim
Kelly Collins
Chevrolet Corvette C5-R G 61
Chevrolet 7.0L V8
LMP675 11 Roock-KnightHawk Racing Steven Knight
Mel Hawkins
Lola B2K/40 A 23
Nissan (AER) VQL 3.4L V6
GT 12 Aspen Knolls MCR Shane Lewis
Vic Rice
Callaway C12-R G 14
Chevrolet 7.0L V8

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