13: Fear Is Real - Challenges


No. Ritual Execution Ceremony How Contestant Died Killed By Death Box Contestant Killed Off Contestant(s) Survived
1 MEET THE MASTERMIND. The contestants paired up and had to locate their partner, who was tied up in the woods. In Order: Ted/Erica 1st, Melyssa/Ryan 2nd, Laura/Adam 3rd, Rodney/Leah 4th, Steffinie/Nasser 5th, Kelly/Lauren (6th, Last Place) "Buried Alive"
The first contestant out of the ground is saved from being executed.
Suffocated from being buried alive Death box introduced Lauren Kelly
2 THE ACCUSED. The contestants paired up and one had to scoop water out of a boat while the other held up two snakes. "Rat-Hat Cage"
The first two contestants to escape steel chains and a mask containing rats are saved from being executed.
Face eaten alive by rats No one, but Laura falsely accused by Nasser Laura Adam and Nasser
3 A KILLER AMONGST US. The contestants paired up and one looked for pieces of a pentagram in scary locations while the other gave directions. "Ropes that Bind"
The first contestant to break free of ropes while distracted by dogs, falling trees, and explosions is saved from being executed.
Crushed by a falling tree taken down by a chainsaw Steffinie- killed by Rodney Ryan Erica
4 FORT FEAR. The contestants headed to an old, abandoned military fort. They individually searched for keys for a box. "The Crucible"
The first contestant to unlock the word lock (password: fried) and free themselves is saved from being executed.
Chained and burned alive at the stake No one Kelly Erica
5 A LESSON IN TERROR. The contestants were transported to an abandoned high school. They individually searched for rings, which would be found in the favorite classrooms of the school's students who had been murdered. "Slice and Dice"
The first contestant to untie themselves before the swinging pendulum chops them in half is saved from death.
Sliced in half by a pendulum No one – Rodney revealed as the killer Rodney Leah
6 A DEAL WITH THE DEVIL. The contestants were transported to a slaughter house. Partners were chosen by who was sitting in the room with them at the time of the ritual. One partner was locked in a cage, and the other partner had to find them. The partner then had to find a key to unlock the cage, which could have been in any of the holes in the wall marked "?". "Snakes in a Bathroom"
The first contestant to unlock the handcuffs and solve the clues before the bathroom is fully flooded is saved from being executed.
Drowned and attacked by snakes in a locked bathroom filling with water Cody – killed by Erica Leah Adam
7 ALONE. The contestants are put into a dark room with a large snake. They were then put into straight jackets, and had to escape them. "The Car and the Compactor"
The first contestant to escape from the trunk of their car and get out of the car compactor is saved from being executed.
Crushed to death in the trunk of a car Adam – killed by Erica Melyssa Ted
8 BOOM. The final three contestants are taken to an isolated part of the woods in the Bayou and forced to outwit each other in the final ceremonies. "Alone in the Woods"
Part One – Contestants had to locate one of three death boxes hidden in the woods and kill off another contestant. Part Two – The first contestant to find bolt cutters in an animal grave, find a barrel, cut it open, and get the key covered in body organs inside is saved from execution. Part Three – The final remaining contestant has to unlock a hut with the prize money and escape before the hut explodes.
Killed by a minion wielding an axe Erica- killed by Nasser Nasser Ted

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