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Thought the entirety of season one Zuko was seen with a ponytail. In the episode, The Southern Air Temple, Zuko was seen shirtless for the first time during his Agni Kai with Commander Zhao. During the fight with Zhao, Zuko was very muscular, the most muscular he was seen in the show. This is probably due to the all of the training Zuko performed while searching for the Avatar. In the season premiere of season two, Zuko cut his ponytail off during his time in the Earth Kingdom and allowed his hair to grow out. By the end of season two, Zuko's hair has fully grown out. In season three, after returning to the Fire Nation, Zuko obtained a topknot hair style, although he is also seen without it several times as well. In the episode, The Beach, Zuko seems to have lost most of his muscle mass from season one and two, probably due to him not training anymore with returning to the Fire Nation. However, in the episode, The Ember Island Players, Zuko is seen shirtless with six pack abdominals, probably due to him training the Avatar in firebending.

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