Zaliznyak, or Zalizniak, is the last name of:

  • Andrey Zaliznyak, a Russian linguist
  • Leonid Zaliznyak, a Ukrainian archeologist with specialization in Mesolithic
  • Maksym Zalizniak, an 18th century cossack from Zaporizhzhia

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Novgorod Codex - Concealed Texts and Identity of The Owner
... texts reconstructed was an unnamed text Zaliznyak called Instruction on Forgiveness of Sins ... This highly original sequence leads Zaliznyak to believe that the text was originally composed in Church Slavonic, as it is hard to imagine that translation from a foreign language could follow such a neat Slavic ... Zaliznyak believes that an earlier allusion to Alexander, the Areopagite of Thracia is connected to the listing of Thracians early in the list ...
Novgorod Codex - Preservation and Reading Method
... Famed Russian linguist Andrey Zaliznyak, one of the foremost experts on the early medieval Novgorod dialect, has taken tremendous effort to reconstruct ... lime wood, have been superimposed on each other, producing an impenetrable labyrinth of lines (Zaliznyak speaks of a “hyper-palimpsest”) ... According to Zaliznyak, reading the concealed texts in the scratches is a unique challenge unlike anything attempted by any research team previously ...
Andrey Zaliznyak - Major Works
... Andrey Zaliznyak ... Russkoe imennoe slovoizmenenie ...
The Tale Of Igor's Campaign - Authenticity Debate - Recent Views
... In his 2004 book, the Russian linguist Andrey Zaliznyak analyzes arguments and concludes that the forgery theory is virtually impossible ... Zaliznyak concludes that no 18th-century scholar could have imitated the subtle grammatical and syntactical features in the known text ... In his revised second edition issued in 2007, Zaliznyak was able to use evidence from the posthumous edition of Zimin's 2006 book ...