Young Socialists

Young Socialists has been the name of more than one group:

  • Young Socialists (Belgium)
  • Young Socialists (Croatia)
  • Young Socialists (France)
  • Young Socialists (Germany)
  • Young Socialists (Netherlands)
  • Young Socialists (Poland)
  • Young Socialists (UK) and its successor Labour Party Young Socialists
  • Young Socialists (UK, 1966), affiliated to the Workers Revolutionary Party.
  • Young Socialists (US), affiliated to the Socialist Workers Party.

Other articles related to "young socialists, young, young socialist, socialist":

Workers Revolutionary Party (UK) - Young Socialists
... The WRP aims to attract young people through the "Young Socialists" ... It publishes a Young Socialists newspaper weekly ... play a role within universities as the "Young Socialist Student Society", although it has remained minor ...
Jörg Leichtfried - Career
... and der Mur's City council 1994-2000 Regional Vice-Chairman of the Styria Young Socialists 1999 Austrian Parliament candidate, Styria Young Socialists 2000 ...
Labour Party Young Socialists - Early Political Affiliations
... Early in the newly formed Young Socialists a publication called Young Guard and its supporters contended with the Keep Left publication and its supporters who formed the leadership of the ... Keep Left supported the Socialist Labour League, led by Gerry Healy ... However the Socialist Labour League took its supporters out of the Labour Party in 1964-5 ...
Socialist Party Of America - History - Max Shachtman, Civil Rights, and The War On Poverty
... In 1958 the party admitted to its ranks the members of the recently-dissolved Independent Socialist League, which had been led by Max Shachtman ... public speaker and formidable in debate, and his intelligent analysis attracted young socialists like Irving Howe and Michael Harrington ... As a young leader, Harrington sent Kahn and Horowitz to help Bayard Rustin with the civil-rights movement ...

Famous quotes containing the words socialists and/or young:

    Why grab possessions like thieves, or divide them like socialists when you can ignore them like wise men?
    Natalie Clifford Barney (1876–1972)

    We honor motherhood with glowing sentimentality, but we don’t rate it high on the scale of creative occupations.
    —Leontine Young (20th century)