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Vallenato Legend Festival - Winners
... Ramos Adiel Vega none Navin López Alonso Fernández Yo soy Vallenato none 1978 ... Alfredo Gutiérrez Carlos Arrieta none Jose Alfonso Maestre Octavio Daza Río Badillo none 12 1979 ... Rojas Iván Zuleta none Sergio Luis Rodríguez Iván Ovalle Yo vivo enamorado del valle Guillermo Arzuaga 1995 ... Freddy Sierra Harold Rivera none Sergio Iguarán Hortensia Lanao ¿Qué hago, Señor? Andrés ...
Ugly Betty - Competition With Other "Betty" Offshoots - Inspired Versions
... While the original Betty la Fea has spawned serialized versions globally, it appears that the weekly American version has begun to pique interest as well ... A version of Yo soy Betty, la fea made by Bosnian Federalna Televizija (FTV), Croatian RTL Televizija and Serbian Fox Televizija began airing in October 2007 ... Gojak, who resembles America Ferrera, was cast in the role of Nina (Betty) ...
Fernando Gaitán - Yo Soy Betty, La Fea Spin-offs
... The success of Yo soy Betty, la fea led to a sequel in 2002 with Univision's release of Eco moda ... Yo soy Betty, la fea also spawned a number of international remakes and adaptations, such as Verliebt in Berlin in Germany, La Fea más bella in Mexico, Lotte in The ...

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    He could jazz up the map-reading class by having a full-size color photograph of Betty Grable in a bathing suit, with a co- ordinate grid system laid over it. The instructor could point to different parts of her and say, “Give me the co-ordinates.”... The Major could see every unit in the Army using his idea.... Hot dog!
    Norman Mailer (b. 1923)