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World War I Reparations - Impact On The German Economy
... Maynard Keynes in his best-selling 1919 book The Economic Consequences of the Peace argued that reparations threatened to destabilize the German economy, and hence German politics ... such as the Canadian historian Margaret MacMillan in her 2001 book Peacemakers The Paris Peace Conference of 1919 and Its Attempt to End War, have since disagreed with this ... Étienne Mantoux in his 1946 book The Carthaginian Peace, or the Economic Consequences of Mr ...
Timeline of The Pentecontaetia (480—431)
450—The Peace of Callias—Although this peace treaty is subject to scholarly debate, allegedly Athens and Persia agreed to a ceasefire. 445—The Thirty-Year Peace Between Athens and Sparta After losing Attica, Boeotia and Megara, Athens agreed to a thirty-year peace in return for all the conquered areas in the Peloponnesian region. 447—Athenian Colonization and the Colony of Brea With the 30-year peace treaty, Athens was able to concentrate attention towards growth rather than war ...

Famous quotes containing the words peace and/or year:

    So in peace our tasks we ply,
    Pangur Ban, my cat, and I;
    In our arts we find our bliss,
    I have mine and he has his.
    Unknown. Pangur Ban (l. 25–28)

    The golden mean in ethics, as in physics, is the centre of the system and that about which all revolve, and though to a distant and plodding planet it be an uttermost extreme, yet one day, when that planet’s year is completed, it will be found to be central.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)