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Devimon is the first major villain to face the DigiDestined, and is responsible for enslaving File Island with his Black Gears, hiding the Tags and Crests, and attacking the children directly and indirectly multiple times. Devimon controls the Black Gears, which perform multiple tasks for him. He generally uses free ones that when summoned will fly towards and eventually collide with a Digimon, bending it to his will and increasing its power and size. There are also some that will serve as scrying mirrors to keep watch on the children. Another set of Black Gears are built into giant arrays as the core of File Island itself. When operated, they can cause the pieces of File Island to separate or rejoin Infinity Mountain. Although Devimon has a strong control over the Black Gears, and at one point transforms Ogremon into many of them, he claims to have only found them. Before the events of the series, Devimon took control of File Island after scattering the Crests across the continent of Server and placing the Tags under the Net Ocean. At some point, he found out about a prophecy claiming that the youngest Digidestined would destroy him, and so when the children arrive, he indirectly attacks them with Black Gear infected Digimon, and puts the renowned Leomon and Ogremon under his thrall. When the children reach the mansion at the top of Infinity Mountain, he reveals himself, splits the island, and scatters them across the pieces, as well as sending more corrupted Digimon after them. While the children make their way back, he explains the prophecy to Ogremon and Leomon. Shortly before the island reforms and the children rejoin, he sends a heavily infected Leomon to kill T.K. and Patamon, who are the youngest of the Digidestined. Leomon is so strong that the children's Champion Digimon cannot harm him, but he is defeated when Koushiro shares his discovery that the children's Digivices can purge the corruption. With the children all assembled after heading to Infinity Island, Devimon transforms Ogremon into Black Gears and absorbs nearly all of the Black Gears on File Island into himself, growing significantly larger. He easily defeats all of the Champion Digimon, including Leomon, but as he is about to kill Takeru and Patamon, Patamon digivolves to Angemon and is able to delete him with a suicidal "Hand of Fate". Though Devimon begins deleting, he reveals that even more powerful evil Digimon exist, gloating that his vanquishers will not be able to handle them, as Angemon couldn't even defeat Devimon without sacrificing himself. In Digimon Adventure 02, Devimon briefly reappears while the Digimon Emperor is searching for the piece needed to complete Kimeramon's construction. When the Emperor finds the Dark Whirlpool and goes down into it to find the piece, he finds the broken remains of Devimon. The Digimon Emperor disregards Devimon's taunt-like warning that "the powers of darkness cannot be controlled", and harvests his data for what becomes the arms and Digi-Core of Kimeramon. However, Devimon's influence causes Kimeramon to rebel against the Emperor, and his voice returns to taunt him again until Kimeramon is finally destroyed by Magnamon. His ultimate form MarineDevimon also appears in 02 however it is unclear if this is the same Devimon that the DegiDestined fought he is defeated by Angemon and is the first Digimon Angemon and TK defeat possibly because TK's grudge he went to after him first.

Voiced in the dub by Tom Wyner.

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