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Voiced by: Juurouta Kosugi (Japanese), David Lodge (English)

Azulongmon (チンロンモン, Chinronmon?, Qinglongmon) one of the four mega-level Digimon Sovereigns (四聖獣, Shiseijuu?) who each rule a quarter of the Digital World. Ruling over the eastern quarter, Azulongmon is based on Seiryuu with power over thunder and lightning. He is most amiable of the Sovereigns, seeing the good in humans and coming to their aid in dire events. Prior to the series, Azulongmon and his fellow Sovereigns were sealed away by the Dark Masters prior to the DigiDestinated's arrival. A year after Apocalymon's defeat, the DigiDestined are resummoned to the Digital World so they can relinguish their crest power to free the Sovereigns. In Azulongmon's case, it was TK and Kari's power that freed him. However, when the presence of the Control Spires set up by Ken bar him and the others from safeguarding the Digital World, Azulongmon indirectly assembled a new DigiDestined team by using Digimon with ancient data whose ability to Armor Digivolve bypasses the Control Spires' negation on Digivolution.

Eventually, Azulongmon is revealed during BlackWarGreymon's rampage as was destroying the Destiny Stones, which kept the balance of the Digital World intact, with Azulongmon in pain whenever a stone is destroyed as he briefly manifests. It would by the DigiDestined using their D3 that Azulongmon is able to fully manifest before BlackWarGreymon could destroy the final DestinyStone. After easily defeating BlackWarGreymon, convincing him to find his place in the world, Azulongmon reveals the nature of his influence to DigiDestined while planting Seeds of Light to replace the six Destinity Stones before leaving the DigiDestined to destroy the remaining Control Spires and stop the evil mastermind behind their creation. Azulongmon later aids the DigiDestined by giving them his DigiCores to restore the original DigiDestineds' Crest powers, allowing Paildramon to become Imperialdramon, and enable Agumon to become WarGreymon once more.

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