Xlib is an X Window System protocol client library written in the C programming language. It contains functions for interacting with an X server. These functions allow programmers to write programs without knowing the details of the protocol. Few applications use Xlib directly; rather, they employ other libraries that use Xlib functions to provide widget toolkits:

  • Intrinsics (Xt)
  • Athena widget set (Xaw)
  • Motif
  • FLTK
  • GTK+
  • Qt (X11 version)
  • Tk

Xlib appeared around 1985, and is currently used in GUIs for many Unix-like operating systems. The XCB library is an attempt to replace Xlib. While currently Xlib is still in wide use, Xlib's implementation nowadays can use XCB as a low-level transport layer.

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... It is implemented as free software and aims to replace Xlib ... Xlib/XCB provides application binary interface compatibility with both Xlib and XCB, providing an incremental porting path ... Xlib/XCB uses the protocol layer of Xlib, but replaces the Xlib transport layer with XCB, and provides access to the underlying XCB connection for direct use of XCB ...
Xlib - Other Libraries
... Xlib does not provide support for buttons, menus, scrollbar, etc ... Such widgets are provided by other libraries, which in turn use Xlib ... Xaw and Motif libraries that provide widget sets using Xlib directly, without the Xt library, such as the X versions of GTK+, Qt, FLTK and fpGUI ...
Implementations - X Window System - Xlib Event Loop
... X applications using Xlib directly are built around the XNextEvent family of functions XNextEvent blocks until an event appears on the event queue ... The Xlib event loop only handles window system events applications which need to be able to wait on other files and devices could construct their own event loop from primitives such as ConnectionNumber ... Very few programs use Xlib directly ...
X Window System Protocols And Architecture - Xlib and Other Client Libraries
... Most client programs communicate with the server via the Xlib client library ... Beside Xlib, the XCB library operates more closely to X protocol ... most clients use libraries such as Xaw, Motif, GTK+, or Qt which in turn use Xlib for interacting with the server ...
X Toolkit Intrinsics
... More precisely, it is a library that uses the low-level Xlib library and provides a friendly (object-oriented-looking) API to develop X11 software with ... The low level Xlib library provides functions for interacting with an X11 server, but does not provide any function for implementing the graphical objects used in GUIs, such as buttons, menus, etc ... use the Xt library, preferring to use Xlib directly ...