Wyrm may refer to:

  • Wyrms (novel), a 1987 science fiction novel by Orson Scott Card
  • Wyrms (comics), a six-issue comic book mini-series by Orson Scott Card and Jake Black
  • Wyrm (novel), by Mark Fabi in which a virus develops swarm intelligence on the Internet
  • Wyrm (TMNT), a mutated garbageman in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
  • Wyrm (World of Darkness), the bringer of the apocalypse
  • WYRM, a radio station in Norfolk, Virginia
  • Wyrm, an alternative name for the mythological European dragon

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The Book Of The Dun Cow (novel) - Plot
... man in order to protect the world from an ancient evil Wyrm, which is trapped at the center of the Earth ... well as the origins of the main antagonists in the book, Wyrm and Cockatrice ... One day though, he is spoken to by Wyrm, who communicates to him through dreams ...
The Night Angel Trilogy - Vürdmeisters' Summoning Magic - Pit Wyrm
... A pit wyrm can be summoned by a Vürdmeister of sufficient power ... The wyrm is preceded by a small white flying homunculus which is released on the target ... After several seconds, the fabric of space is ripped apart and the wyrm appears to devour the homunculus and anything around it ...
Tchazzar - Goals
... provoke his ancient nemesis, Alasklerbanbastos, the Great Bone Wyrm, who will likely send his force of undead dragons against Tchazzar and his new army and in doing so fracture the alliance the Bone Wyrm has ... After the Bone Wyrm is dealt with, Tchazzar will eventually try to conquer Mulhorand with the help of his allies Gestaniius and Skuthosiin who were also ...
The Book Of Sorrows - Plot Summary - Wyrm
... Chaunteleceer asks the bird to reveal the location of Wyrm ... cave to the bowels of the planet, where he finds the skeletal remains of Wyrm, covered in small glowing worm-like parasites that act as a light source ... The weasel finds Chauntecleer sitting inside the Wyrm’s skull, clutching a smaller skull in his wing ...
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