WWF Champion

WWF Champion

The WWE Championship is a professional wrestling world heavyweight championship owned by WWE. It is one of two main championships in WWE, complementing the World Heavyweight Championship. It was established under the then WWWF in 1963, and is the oldest championship recognized by the promotion. When Raw and Smackdown established distinct brands under WWE, the championship had moved between both brands, mainly due to the WWE Draft.

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Sid Vicious (wrestler) - Professional Wrestling Career - World Wrestling Federation (1991–1992)
... On the July 20, 1991 episode of WWF Superstars of Wrestling, Eudy made his World Wrestling Federation debut as a babyface under the name Sid Justice ... where The Ultimate Warrior and then-WWF Champion Hulk Hogan teamed up against The Triangle of Terror (Sgt ... a special stipulation the winner would win the vacant WWF Title, which had been stripped from Hulk Hogan after two controversial title switches in a row between Hulk and the Undertaker ...
Kevin Nash - Professional Wrestling Career - World Wrestling Federation - Various Feuds (1995–1996)
... Diesel's WWF Championship reign continued until November 19, when he was defeated by Bret Hart at the Survivor Series ... Kentucky Diesel lost his steel cage match against WWF Champion Bret Hart when he was attacked by the Undertaker ... At the time, WCW was offering large amounts of money to the WWF's talent by Eric Bischoff, WCW Executive Vice President, to jump ship ...
Bob Backlund - Career - World Wide Wrestling Federation / World Wrestling Federation (1977–1984) - WWF Champion
... It is claimed by some that when Backlund’s WWF Title was held up after a match in New York City against Greg Valentine on October 19, 1981, after a dazed referee "accidentall ... However, Backlund was billed as the WWF Champion in other cities in the days following the controversy ... to “hold up” the title in one area (to build interest in a rematch the "former" champion would win) while ignoring the situation in other parts of the territory ...
WWF Champion - Reigns
... The inaugural champion was Buddy Rogers, and there have been 43 different official champions overall ... The longest reigning champion was Bruno Sammartino who held the title from May 17, 1963 to January 18, 1971 for a total of 2,803 days (7 years, 8 months, 4 days) ... The shortest reigning champion was André the Giant who officially held the title for 30 seconds ...
Hulkster - Professional Wrestling Career - Return To World Wrestling Federation/Entertainment - Hollywood Hogan and Undisputed WWF Champion (2002)
... Rock and cost Steve Austin a chance at becoming the Undisputed WWF Champion against Chris Jericho in the main event ... with Triple H and defeated him for the Undisputed WWF Championship and sixth and final WWF Championship at Backlash, thus becoming the last ever WWF champion before the initials dispute against the World Wildlife ...

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