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Sig Haugdahl - World Speed Record
... Haugdahl is reported to have set a world land speed record of 180 miles per hour in his Wisconsin Special car at the Daytona Beach Road Course on April 7, 1922 ... A world record was not awarded, however, because the run was not timed by the American Automobile Association and as such could not be verified ... It is considered by some that the record speed was claimed by IMCA for the promotional benefits that it would offer ...
High-speed Rail In Japan - Speed Records
... (159.1) Class 1000 Shinkansen Kamonomiya test track 30 March 1963 Former world speed record for EMU trains. 286 (177.7) Class 951 Shinkansen Sanyƍ Shinkansen 24 February 1972 Former world speed record for EMU trains ... Shinkansen 7 December 1979 Former world speed record for EMU trains ...
Supermarine Spitfire (early Merlin Powered Variants) - Single-Stage Merlin Engine Variants - Speed Spitfire (Type 323)
... ideas about modifying a Spitfire to make an attempt on the world landplane speed record were mooted ... At the time the record of 352 mph (566 km/h) was held by Howard Hughes flying a Hughes H-1 racing aircraft ... at a full-throttle height of 16,800 ft (5,100 m) the regulations for the world speed record demanded that the aircraft fly a 1.86-mile (2.99 km) course ...

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