Wolf Rayet Stars

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Westerlund 2
... Westerlund 2 is a young massive obscured star cluster with an estimated age of about one or two million years ... some of the hottest, brightest, and most massive stars known ... The cluster contains a dozen of O stars, of which at least three are eclipsing binaries, many pre–main sequence stars and two Wolf-Rayet Stars the binary WR20a and the single star WR20b, all of spectral type ...
Super Nova - Current Models - Core Collapse - Type Ib and Ic
... These supernovae, like those of Type II, are massive stars that undergo core collapse ... However the stars which become Types Ib and Ic supernovae have lost most of their outer (hydrogen) envelopes due to strong stellar winds or else from interaction with a companion ... These stars are known as Wolf-Rayet stars, and they occur at moderate to high metallicity where continuum driven winds cause sufficiently high mass loss rates ...
Hypergiant - Relationships With Ofpe, WNL, LBV, and Other Supergiant Stars
... Hypergiants are evolved, high luminosity, high mass stars that occur in the same or similar regions of the HR diagram to stars with different classifications ... It isn't always clear whether the different classifications represent stars with different initial conditions, stars at different stages of an evolutionary track, or is just ... are not necessarily helpful in establishing relationships between different types of stars or the differences between them since they have been developed based on differing criteria and for ...

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    I teach at Harvard that the world and the heavens, and the stars are all real, but not so damned real, you see.
    Josiah Royce (1855–1916)

    Return to her? and fifty men dismissed?
    No, rather I abjure all roofs, and choose
    To wage against the enmity o’ th’ air,
    To be a comrade with the wolf and owl—
    Necessity’s sharp pinch.
    William Shakespeare (1564–1616)