Wind Driven

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Types of Whirligigs - Wind-driven Whirligigs
... A wind-driven whirligig transfers the energy of the wind into either a simple release of kinetic energy through rotation or a more complicated transfer of rotational energy to power a simple or complicated mechanism ... The wind simply pushes on the whirligig turing one part of it and it then uses inertia ... The simplest and most common example of a wind-driven whirligig is the pinwheel ...
Whirligig - History - The Modern Craftsman
... Gay’s wind driven whirligigs were made of bicycle rims placed at nearly uniform height to create a "garden of whirligigs" ... Edith's whirligigs were of the wind driven type, typically of cast off plastic ... The most famous of modern wind driven whirligig makers is probably Vollis Simpson of Lucama, North Carolina ...
Kankakee River - Description - Landscape
... include 1) the nearly level plains of a ground moraine, 2) eolian (wind driven deposits) plains, 3) outwash deposits, 4) the central river basin and 5) end moraines forming the ... is characterized by the fine grained sediments that are wind driven, forming a series of broad eolian sand dunes and ridges ... Lacustrine silts and clays are mixed with the various water bourne and wind driven deposits throughout the basin ...

Famous quotes containing the words driven and/or wind:

    Verily, the Indian has but a feeble hold on his bow now; but the curiosity of the white man is insatiable, and from the first he has been eager to witness this forest accomplishment. That elastic piece of wood with its feathered dart, so sure to be unstrung by contact with civilization, will serve for the type, the coat-of-arms of the savage. Alas for the Hunter Race! the white man has driven off their game, and substituted a cent in its place.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)

    Once fishing was a rabbit’s foot—
    O wind blow cold, O wind blow hot,
    Robert Lowell (1917–1977)