Wind Deities

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Notos - Minor Winds
... Four lesser wind deities appear in a few ancient sources, such as at the Tower of the Winds in Athens ... were the Anemoi Thuellai (Άνεμοι θύελλαι Greek "Tempest-Winds"), wicked and violent daemons (spirits) created by the monster Typhon, and male counterparts to the harpies, who were also called ... These were the winds held in Aeolus's stables the other four, "heavenly" Anemoi were not kept locked up ...

Famous quotes containing the words deities and/or wind:

    The gods themselves,
    Humbling their deities to love, have taken
    The shapes of beasts upon them. Jupiter
    Became a bull, and bellowed; the green Neptune
    A ram, and bleated; and the fire-robed god,
    Golden Apollo, a poor humble swain.
    William Shakespeare (1564–1616)

    “Now bury your bird,” the wind it bawled,
    “And bury him down and down
    Who had to put his trust in one
    So light-eyed and so brown....”
    Gwendolyn Brooks (b. 1917)