Wind Blowing

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New Year's Day - Traditional and Modern Celebrations and Customs - National Celebrations
... They regard the weather as the prediction of that year wind blowing east, fruit will yield wind blowing west, fish and livestock will be bumper wind blowing south ...
Weather Folklore - True Lore, and Why - Low Pressure Regions
... When the wind is blowing in the North No fisherman should set forth, When the wind is blowing in the East, 'Tis not fit for man nor beast, When the wind is blowing in the South It brings ... With the approach of a low, easterly winds typically pick up ... These gusty winds can be unpleasant for a number of reasons they are often uncomfortably warm, dry, and dusty in the summer and bitterly cold in the winter ...
Notos - Minor Winds
... Four lesser wind deities appear in a few ancient sources, such as at the Tower of the Winds in Athens ... (Άνεμοι θύελλαι Greek "Tempest-Winds"), wicked and violent daemons (spirits) created by the monster Typhon, and male counterparts to the harpies, who were also called thuellai ... These were the winds held in Aeolus's stables the other four, "heavenly" Anemoi were not kept locked up ...
Lee Shore
... is one that is to the lee side of a vessel - meaning the wind is blowing towards it ... A weather shore has the wind blowing from inland over it out to sea ... For example, if you were standing on a beach, looking out to sea with the wind at your back, you are standing on a weather shore ...
Kitesurfers - Terminology and Jargon
... Apparent wind the kite's speed relative to the surrounding air ... kitesurfing in a straight line, the kite's apparent wind is a combination of the wind speed and the speed of the kite and rider over the surface, but since the kite is highly steerable apparent wind ... from the kite involve giving it a higher apparent wind somehow, i.e ...

Famous quotes containing the words blowing and/or wind:

    Sleep, ignorant of pain, sleep, ignorant of grief, may you come to us blowing softly, kindly, kindly come king.
    Sophocles (497–406/5 B.C.)

    To have always
    Had the wind for a friend is no recommendation.
    John Ashbery (b. 1927)