Wildcat Cartridge

A wildcat cartridge, or wildcat, is a custom cartridge for which ammunition and firearms are not mass produced. These cartridges are often created in order to optimize a certain performance characteristic (such as the power, size or efficiency) of an existing commercial cartridge.

Developing and using wildcat cartridges does not generally serve a purpose in military or law enforcement; it is more a hobby for serious shooting, hunting, gunsmithing and handloading enthusiasts, particularly in the United States. There are potentially endless amounts of different kinds of wildcat cartridges: one source of gunsmithing equipment has a library of over 6,000 different wildcat cartridges for which they produce equipment such as chamber reamers.

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Example Wildcat Cartridges - Second (and Later) Generation Wildcats
... Some wildcats are based not on commercial rounds, but on other successful wildcats ... The.308 x 1.5" Barnes, a wildcat from noted cartridge author Frank Barnes made by simply necking a.308 Winchester back to 1.5 inches (38 mm) in length (38.1 mm) is probably ... There are at least 8 wildcats that are made from the small primer.308 x 1.5" brass, including some very successful benchrest rounds, including the Benchrest Remington family of cartridges.22 BR, 6mm BR, 6.5 mm ...
Supersonic Range Performance of The .338 Lapua Magnum - Performance Improvement Experiments With Non C.I.P. Conform Cartridges
... (over 5.5 calibers in length) and the normal cartridge overall length of 93.5 mm has to be exceeded making such cartridges wildcats ... Such commercially non-existent cartridges are termed "wildcats" ... The use of a wildcat.338 Lapua Magnum based cartridge demands the use of a custom or customized rifle with an appropriately cut chamber and fast-twist ...
.260 Remington - Origin & History
... Remington has had a track record of adopting successful wildcat cartridges into the Remington fold by offering rifles and ammunition and at times attaching their name to the ... Like many cartridges such as the.22–250 Remington.25-06 Remington and the 7 mm-08 Remington, the.260 Remington started its life as a wildcat cartridge called the 6.5-08 and was eventually released as a ... it was not Remington who first attempted to standardize the cartridge ...

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