Whitehead can refer to:

  • Whitehead, a pore blocked with sebum, many may be seen in acne vulgaris
  • Whitehead (bird), a small species of passerine bird, endemic to New Zealand
  • USS Whitehead (1861–1865), Civil War, 136-ton screw steam gunboat
  • Whitehead (surname), a surname
  • Whitehead Prize, a UK maths award

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Whitehead, County Antrim - 2001 Census
... Whitehead is classified as an intermediate settlement by the NI Statistics and Research Agency (NISRA) (i.e ... On Census day (29 April 2001) there were 3,702 people living in Whitehead ...
Clay T. Whitehead - Post-government Appointments
... Whitehead was a Visiting Fellow at Harvard University and MIT ... Whitehead joined Hughes Aircraft and started the Hughes Communications subsidiary that launched the Galaxy satellite system, one of the first geostationary satellites ... Whitehead left Hughes in 1983 and founded Société Européenne des Satellites (SES S.A.), the first private satellite business in Europe, which was based in ...
SM U-5 (Austria-Hungary) - Design and Construction
... Navy authorized the construction of U-5 (and sister ship, U-6) in 1906 by Whitehead Co ... States, partially assembled, and shipped to Whitehead's for final assembly, a process which, author Edwin Sieche notes, "caused a lot of trouble" ... She was launched at Fiume on 10 February 1909 by Agathe Whitehead, and towed to Pola on 17 August ...
Charlie Whitehead
... Charlie Whitehead (September 12, 1942) was a soul singer from Franklin, Virginia ... Whitehead moved to New York City in 1968 and was subsequently signed to Musicor's R B subsidiary, Dynamo Records, by Charlie Foxx ... At Dynamo, Whitehead was paired with Jerry Williams, Jr ...
Losing Sleep (Axle Whitehead Album) - Track Listing
... All music composed by Axle Whitehead ... "Satellite" Axle Whitehead, Robert Conley Carl Dimitaga 325 2 ... "I Don't Do Surprises" Axle Whitehead Robert Conley 314 3 ...

Famous quotes containing the word whitehead:

    Knowledge shrinks as wisdom grows.
    —Alfred North Whitehead (1861–1947)

    Every philosophy is tinged with the colouring of some secret imaginative background, which never emerges explicitly into its train of reasoning.
    —Alfred North Whitehead (1861–1947)

    If a dog jumps into your lap it is because he is fond of you; but if a cat does the same thing it is because your lap is warmer.
    —Alfred North Whitehead (1861–1947)