White Lines

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Road Surface Marking - Country Specific Information - United Kingdom
... As a result white lines were painted on the sides of the road and pedestrians were allowed to use a small torch ... The first "white line" road markings appeared on a number of dangerous bends on the London-Folkeston road at Ashford, Kent, in 1914, and during the 1920s the rise of painted lines on UK roads grew ... were issued by the Ministry of Transport that defined where and how white lines on roads should be used ...
Azanus Ubaldus - Description
... Cilia of both fore and hind wings white, with their basal halves evenly dark brown ... Fore wing two short white lines, one each side of the discocellulars a minute black subcostal dot above apex of cell, another similar dot a little ... Hind wing the following black white-encircled spots conspicuous 4 subbasal spots in transverse order, a subcostal spot in middle of interspace 7, two minute geminate spots at the tornal angle, and a larger one in ...
Headlights, White Lines, Black Tar Rivers (Best Live) - Track Listing
... Original albums * A Weapon Called the Word (1990) ** Levelling the Land (1992) *** See Nothing, Hear Nothing, Do Something UK Singles and Live Collection (1992) **** Zeitgeist (1995). ...
No-line Court
... The no-line, multi-colored tennis court was introduced by the World Team Tennis (WTT) league during its early years ... The no-line, multi-colored tennis courts shown in the figures are two original Southern California outdoor installations ... The different areas of the no-line tennis court are defined by colors instead of white lines ...
Catapyrops Ancyra - Description
... Fore and hind wings anticiliary jet-black lines on the hind wing subterminal subequal black spots in interspaces 1 and 2, beyond which there is a terminal white ... Underside french-grey principal markings chalky-white, somew hat diffuse ... If ore wing a pair of short transverse white lines across the middle and another pair at the apex of cell, one on each side of the discocellulars, these latter not extended to the apex but in most specimens ...

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    The opera isn’t over till the fat lady sings.

    A modern proverb along the lines of “don’t count your chickens before they’re hatched.” This form of words has no precise origin, though both Bartlett’s Familiar Quotations (16th ed., 1992)

    The puritanical potentialities of science have never been forecast. If it evolves a body of organized rites, and is established as a religion, hierarchically organized, things more than anything else will be done in the name of “decency.” The coarse fumes of tobacco and liquors, the consequent tainting of the breath and staining of white fingers and teeth, which is so offensive to many women, will be the first things attended to.
    Wyndham Lewis (1882–1957)