White Dragon

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Chromatic Dragon (Dungeons & Dragons) - Types - White Dragon - Critical Reception
... The young white dragon was ranked eighth among the ten best low-level monsters by the authors of Dungeons Dragons For Dummies ... The authors chose the young white dragon over a wyrmling, feeling that "it's more satisfying for characters to battle against a dragon that's at least as big as a ... The young white dragon offers the best chance for this kind of fight" ...
List Of Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition Monsters - WTC 21720 - Monster Manual (2008)
... This is the first monster book for the Dungeons Dragons 4th edition, published in 2008 ... and green worm-like aberration Chimera 41 Appears to be an amalgam of a goat, lion and a dragon with three heads ... blackfire dracolich, runescribed dracolich Resembles undead dragon skeleton Dragon 74-85 Young black dragon, adult black dragon, elder black dragon, ancient black dragon, young blue dragon, adult blue dragon ...
The Saint Of Dragons - Plot
... St George infiltrating the mansion of an ancient Dragon ... The Dragon, despite his considerable age is still quite powerful and succeeds in killing Aldric's brother along with their entire party before finally being destroyed ... Aldric saying that he knows he has a son and his fellow Dragons are going after him ...
Universe Of The Longest Journey - Story - Plot Summary
... a sleeping April unintentionally shifts to Arcadia and meets the 'White Dragon', who identifies her as the heroine of the coming story ... disc whereupon the Maerum convey April, at her own request to the Blue Dragon, who gives April one of the disc's Jewels and takes her to a ship inhabited by the Dark People ... April then returns to the White Dragon, who reveals herself as April's mother and dies, whereupon a new White Dragon emerges from her egg ...
The White Dragon (film)
... The White Dragon is a 2004 Hong Kong wuxia comedy film directed by Wilson Yip and starring Cecilia Cheung and Francis Ng ... The White Dragon is directed by Wilson Yip, whose best known works to date are Bullets Over Summer, Juliet in Love and SPL Sha Po Lang ...

Famous quotes containing the words dragon and/or white:

    Sir Eglamour, that worthy knight,
    He took his sword and went to fight;
    And as he rode both hill and dale,
    Armed upon his shirt of mail,
    A dragon came out of his den,
    Had slain, God knows how many men!
    Samuel Rowlands (1570?–1630?)

    That he is old, the more the pity, his white hairs do witness it.
    William Shakespeare (1564–1616)