What is Tuesday?

  • (noun): The third day of the week; the second working day.
    Synonyms: Tues


Tuesday (i/ˈtjuːzdeɪ/, /ˈtjuːzdi/, /ˈtuːzdeɪ/ or /ˈtuːzdi/) is a day of the week occurring after Monday and before Wednesday. According to many commonly used calendars, it is the third day of the week, but according to international standard ISO 8601, it is the second day of the week. The English name is derived from Old English Tiwesdæg and Middle English Tewesday, meaning "Tīw's Day", the day of Tiw or Týr, the god of single combat, victory and heroic glory in Norse mythology. Tiw was equated with Mars in the interpretatio romana, and the name of the day is a translation of Latin dies Martis.

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