What is syllabary?

  • (noun): A writing system whose characters represent syllables.
    Synonyms: syllabic script


A syllabary is a set of written symbols that represent the syllables or (more frequently) moras which make up words. A symbol in a syllabary, called a syllabogram, typically represents an (optional) consonant sound (simple onset) followed by a vowel sound (nucleus)—that is, a CV or V syllable—but other phonographic mappings such as CVC and CV-tone are also found in syllabaries.

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Momolu Duwalu Bukele
... or spelled as Mɔmɔlu Duwalu Bukɛlɛ) was the inventor of the Vai syllabary used for writing the Vai language of Liberia — one of the few sub-Sahar ... The syllabary is supposed to have been revealed to him in a dream, and to have been communicated to friends and tribal elders ... Tuchscherer and Hair (2002) have presented evidence that exposure to the Cherokee syllabary was part of the process ...
... A semi-syllabary is a writing system that behaves partly as an alphabet and partly as a syllabary ...
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