What is surface pressure?

Surface Pressure

Surface pressure often refers to the atmospheric pressure at a location on Earth's surface. It is directly proportional to the mass of air over that location.

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Atmosphere Of Titan - History
... technique that yielded an estimate of an atmospheric partial pressure of methane of the order of 100 millibars (10 kPa) ... methane abundances in Titan's atmosphere were ten times higher, and the surface pressure was at least double what he had predicted ... The high surface pressure meant that methane could only form a small fraction of Titan's atmosphere ...
Langmuir–Blodgett Troughs - Parts - Balance
... An important property of the system is its surface pressure (the surface tension of the pure subphase minus the surface tension of the subphase with amphiphiles floating on ... The surface pressure – molecular area isotherm is one of the important indicators of monolayer properties ... Additionally, it is important to maintain constant surface pressure during deposition in order to obtain uniform LB films ...
Surface Pressure
... Surface pressure often refers to the atmospheric pressure at a location on Earth's surface ... general circulation models (GCMs) usually predict the nondimensional logarithm of surface pressure ... The average value of surface pressure on Earth is 985hPa ...
Quecreek Mine Rescue - Rescue Operations
... Additional borehole locations were surveyed on the surface for holes to be drilled into the lowest area in the mine ... size, the hole had to be enlarged from the surface ... being afflicted with decompression sickness, due to their breathing air which was at a higher pressure than the surface pressure, due to the pressure of the ...
Langmuir–Blodgett Film - Pressure–Area Characteristics
... Adding a monolayer to the surface reduces the surface tension, and the surface pressure, is given by the following equation where, is equal to the surface tension of the water and is the surface tension due to ... But the concentration-dependence of surface tension (similar to Langmuir isotherm) is as follows = RTKHC = – RT Thus, or, The last equation indicates a relationship ... However, it should be noted that the concentration-dependence of surface tension is valid only when the solutions are dilute and concentrations are low ...

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