What is stir up?

  • (verb): Try to stir up public opinion.
    Synonyms: agitate, foment
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Stir - Trivia
... penned a song with John Mayer that was set to be used on Stir's unreleased album ... Before STIR was signed, Andy used to teach private guitar lessons around the St ... Not until college did they form the early beginnings of STIR ...
Stir It Up (Patti La Belle Song)
... Stir It Up" is the second single from Patti LaBelle taken from the soundtrack album to the 1984 film Beverly Hills Cop -- the latter won a Grammy Award for Best Album of Original ... The song was also used as the theme song to the short-lived sitcom Stir Crazy, based on the 1980 hit movie ...
... is a generic term to refer to a Korean dish made by stir-frying ingredients in a sauce ... dried ingredients over heat." However, bokkeum not only refers to dishes made by stir-frying ingredients to a dry state, but also indicates dishes with a thick sauce after cooking ... The former is called geonyeol bokkeum (건열볶음 dry stir-fried dishes) and the latter is called seupyeol bokkeum (습열볶음, watery stir-fried dishes) by the literal ...
Chao Hong Guo
... Stir fried hawthorn (Chinese 炒红果 pinyin Chǎo hóngguǒ literally "stir fried red fruit") is a traditional dish of Beijing cuisine, made from Chinese hawthorn fruits ... of Beijing cuisine, hawthorn yogurt (Hong Guo Lao, 红果酪), utilizes stir-fried Chinese hawthorn fruits (炒红果) as its main ingredient by adding it to Nai Lao ...
Stir Me Up - Track Listing
... CD listing "Stir me up (Radio edit)" "Stir me up (After Party remix)" Vinyl listing A1 - "Stir Me Up (After Party Remix)" - 405 A2 - "Stir Me Up (Radio Edit)" - 328 B1 - "Stir Me Up (Crunk Mix ...

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Famous quotes containing the words stir up and/or stir:

    Never stir up litigation. A worse man can scarcely be found than one who does this.
    Abraham Lincoln (1809–1865)

    He has a nasty instinct for the exposed groin, and always puts his knee in just to stir things up.
    Austin Mitchell (b. 1934)

    Not only does the wind of accidents stir me according to its blowing, but I am also stirred and troubled by the instability of my attitude.
    Michel de Montaigne (1533–1592)