What is species group?

Species Group

A species group is an informal taxonomic rank into which an assemblage of closely related species within a genus are grouped because of their morphological similarities and their identity as a biological unit with a single monophyletic origin.

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Centrolene Mariaelenae - Species Group
... Centrolene mariaelenae belong to the Centrolene gorzulai species-group in accord to the original description. ...
Lipoptena - Systematics
... Genus Lipoptena Species group 'a' L ... timida Species group 'b' L ... pteropi Species group 'c' L ...
The Genetics of Reproductive Isolation Barriers - Post Copulation or Fertilization Isolation Mechanisms in Animals
... Reproductive isolation between species appears, in certain cases, a long time after fertilization and the formation of the zygote, as happens - for example - in the twin species ... The hybrids between both species are not sterile, in the sense that they produce viable gametes, ovules and spermatozoa ... In the same way, the sperm of the males of the two parent species do not survive in the reproductive tract of the hybrid female ...
Species Group - See Also
... Cryptic species Parapatric speciation Ring species Speciation. ...
Pteropus - Species
... alecto species group Black flying fox, P ... initially was described as separate species P ... caniceps species group Ashy-headed flying fox, P ...

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