What is Salvation Army?

  • (noun): A charitable and religious organization to evangelize and to care for the poor and homeless.

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Civil Liberties In The United Kingdom - Democracy
... Beatty v Gillbanks (1882) 9 QBD 308, the Salvation Army wanted to campaign against alcohol with the help of a brass band in Weston Super Mare ... brewers formed a so-called "skeleton army", and threatened to disrupt the march with force ... The police, fearing for public order told the Salvation Army to call it off, but they went ahead ...
Salvation Army Brass Band - Influences On Secular Brass Bands
... The Salvation Army kept itself apart from the secular brass band world ... Around the same time that the Salvation Army bands were forming the temperance movement was also using brass bands to promote its message ... available for other bands to play and new relationships between the Salvation Army band movement and their counterparts in ordinary life are being made ...
List Of Places Of Worship In Crawley - Former Places of Worship
... Salvation Army Citadel West Green 51°06′50″N 0°11′43″W / 51.1139°N 0.1953°W / 51.1139 -0.1953 (Salvation Army Citadel, West ...
Salvation Army Women's Home And Hospital
... The Salvation Army Women's Home and Hospital, now The Salvation Army's Booth Brown House, is a 1912 brick Tudor Revival style building designed by ... The Salvation Army originally used it to provide housing and hospital care for unwed mothers and their children ...
Accident Prevention - National Organizations - United States
... The largest partners are the Salvation Army and Southern Baptists ... The Salvation Army is usually primary chaplaincy and rebuild services the Baptists' 82,000+ volunteers do bulk food preparation (90% of the meals in a major disaster) for ...

Famous quotes containing the words salvation army, army and/or salvation:

    you who put gum in my coffee cup
    and worms in my Jell-O, you who let me pretend
    you were daddy of the poets, witchman, you stand
    for all, for all the bad dead, a Salvation Army Band
    who plays for no one. I am cement. The bird in me is blind
    as I knife out your name and all your dead kind.
    Anne Sexton (1928–1974)

    Twenty or thirty years ago, in the army, we had a lot of obscure adventures, and years later we tell them at parties, and suddenly we realize that those two very difficult years of our lives have become lumped together into a few episodes that have lodged in our memory in a standardized form, and are always told in a standardized way, in the same words. But in fact that lump of memories has nothing whatsoever to do with our experience of those two years in the army and what it has made of us.
    Václav Havel (b. 1936)

    In your Salvation shelter I saw poverty, misery, cold and hunger. You gave them bread and treacle and dreams of heaven. I give from thirty shillings a week to twelve thousand a year. They find their own dreams; but I look after the drainage.
    George Bernard Shaw (1856–1950)