What is rapture?

  • (noun): A state of elated bliss.
    Synonyms: ecstasy
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The Rapture is a term in Christian eschatology which refers to the "being caught up" discussed in 1 Thessalonians 4:17, when the "dead in Christ" and "we who are alive and remain" will be "caught up in the clouds" to meet "the Lord". The Rapture is used in at least two senses in modern traditions of Christian eschatology: in pre-tribulationist views, in which a group of people will be "left behind", and as a synonym for the final resurrection generally.

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More definitions of "rapture":

  • (noun): A state of being carried away by overwhelming emotion.
    Example: "Listening to sweet music in a perfect rapture"- Charles Dickens
    Synonyms: ecstasy, transport, exaltation, raptus

Famous quotes containing the word rapture:

    What moments divine, what rapture serene.
    Cole Porter (1893–1964)

    Now night perfumes lie upon the air,
    As rests the blossom on the loaded bough;
    And each deep-drawn breath is redolent
    Of all the folded flowers’ mingled scent
    That rises in confused rapture now.
    Philip Larkin (1922–1986)