What is Rama?

  • (noun): Avatar of Vishnu whose name is synonymous with God; any of three incarnations: Ramachandra or Parashurama or Balarama.
    Example: "In Hindu folklore Rama is the epitome of chivalry and courage and obedience to sacred law"


Rama pronunciation (Devanāgarī: राम ; Rāma,; Burmese: ရာမ Jàma̰ ; Javanese: Ramavijaya ; Khmer: ព្រះរាម Phreah Ream ; Lao: ພຣະຣາມ Phra Ram ; Malay: Megat Seri Rama; Maranao: Raja Bantugan; Tamil: ராமர் Ramar; Telugu: రామ Rama; Thai: พระราม Phra Ram; Kannada: ರಾಮ) or Ramachandra is the seventh avatar of the god Vishnu in Hinduism, and a king of Ayodhya in Hindu scriptures. In few Rama-centric sects, Rama is considered the Supreme Being, rather than an avatar. Rama was born in Suryavansha (Ikshvaku Vansh) later known as Raghuvansha after king Raghu. As per Valmiki Ramayana, Bala Kanda Sarga 18, Shlokas 8/9/10, Rama was born on 9th Day (now celebrated across India as Ram Navmi) in Chaitra Lunar Month in Ayodhya, India when Moon & Jupiter were rising in the east in Cancer sign and four other planets (Sun, Mars, Saturn, Venus) were exalted in their exaltation signs. Using a free Planetarium Software (Planetarium Gold) that uses NASA JPL data files for planetary positions, Pushkar Bhatnagar has been able to establish in his research that the star positions at Rama's birth match the date of "10th Jan 5114BC" around 12:30pm local time; there is no other match for these planetary positions. As per Based on Puranic genealogy, Rama is believed by Hindus to have lived in the second Yuga called Treta Yuga, before Krishna who was born towards the begining of Dwapara Yuga. Rama is traditionally considered to have appeared in the last quarter of Treta Yuga.

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... has offered herself as supreme oblation to Agni, Rama too rushes after her, and enters the blazing flames, much to the shock of all earthly spectators ... In a moment, however, Rama comes out of the fire holding Sita's palm in his right hand, and the spectators get a glimpse of their divinity ... reveal to all the world the truth of Sita's chastity, it is also intended to reveal Rama's fidelity and love for Sita ...
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