What is quartz?


Quartz is an abundant mineral in the Earth's continental crust. It is made up of a continuous framework of SiO4 silicon–oxygen tetrahedra, with each oxygen being shared between two tetrahedra, giving an overall formula SiO2. There are many different varieties of quartz, several of which are semi-precious gemstones. Throughout the world, varieties of quartz have been, since antiquity, the most commonly used minerals in the making of jewelry and hardstone carvings.

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Some articles on quartz:

Tembetá - Geographical Distribution - Guarani People
... According to archaeological findings, the Guarani tembetá was made of quartz in the shape of a "T", 10 cm in length ... The working of the quartz was done by a shaman ... Quartz correlates to ita-verá (brilliant stone) of the mythical one Tupá Overasú, and of the great one Tupá of the Storm ...
Lantern Hill - Geology
... The hill is composed mostly of high-purity milky quartz and it occupies the inactive Lantern Hill Fault, which runs south into the Atlantic Ocean ... Analysis of the quartz reveals that it is 238 million years old—the mid-Triassic Period of the Mesozoic Era in geologic time ... The formation of the fault and the quartz are associated with the early formation of the Atlantic Ocean (Altamura 1995 Altamura 2003) ...
Shock Metamorphism - Effects - Mineral Microstructures - Brazil Twinning in Quartz
... This form of twinning in quartz is relatively common but the occurrence of close-spaced Brazil twins parallel to the basal plane, (0001), has only been reported from impact structures ... formation of basal-orientated Brazil twins in quartz requires high stresses (about 8 GPa) and high strain rates, and it seems probable that such features in natural quartz can ...
... It has the same crystal structure as quartz with a low temperature polytype isostructural with α–quartz and a high temperature polytype isostructural with β–quartz ... purpurite, apatite, muscovite, quartz, hematite in granite pegmatites ...
Quartz - History of Naming and Usage
... The word "quartz" is derived from the German word "quarz" and its Middle High German ancestor "twarc", which probably originated in Slavic (cf ... Quartz is the most common material identified as the mystical substance maban in Australian Aboriginal mythology ... The Irish word for quartz is grian cloch, which means 'stone of the sun' ...

More definitions of "quartz":

  • (noun): A hard glossy mineral consisting of silicon dioxide in crystal form; present in most rocks (especially sandstone and granite); yellow sand is quartz with iron oxide impurities.