What is purchasing?

  • (noun): The act of buying.
    Example: "Shrewd purchasing requires considerable knowledge"
    Synonyms: buying


Purchasing refers to a business or organization attempting to acquiring goods or services to accomplish the goals of its enterprise. Though there are several organizations that attempt to set standards in the purchasing process, processes can vary greatly between organizations. Typically the word “purchasing” is not used interchangeably with the word “procurement”, since procurement typically includes Expediting, Supplier Quality, and Traffic and Logistics (T&L) in addition to Purchasing.

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Some articles on purchasing:

Linda Garcia Cubero - Civilian Life
... to GE she worked as Director of Client Relations at Case Corporation in the purchasing group ... Cubero then went to work for the Global Purchasing support unit for EDS as the director of software purchasing, directing more than $500 million annually in spending and managing 60 software and ... of Hardware and Telecommunications Procurement, Global Purchasing support unit of EDS, responsible for managing about $3 billion in annual hardware and software spending ...
Purchasing Management - Purchasing Reporting
... Purchasing Reporting includes comparing actual and estimated values calculating purchasing task and project statistics sorting, grouping or filtering tasks by attributes creating ... Carr and Pearson (2002) also write that Purchasing Management and supplier involvement does affect the success of a new product introduction ... that a link exist between implementation of strategic Purchasing Management and achievements of a firm’s comprehensive goals ...
Philip Poh
... Philip Poh is a professor that developed the Singapore Purchasing Managers Index in 1998 ... Poh is currently a chairman of the Singapore Institute of Purchasing and Materials Management, as well as the Vice-Chairman of World Supply Research Institute ... been the adjunct professor specialising in purchasing and logistics management at Southern Cross University in Australia ...

Famous quotes containing the word purchasing:

    At present cats have more purchasing power and influence than the poor of this planet. Accidents of geography and colonial history should no longer determine who gets the fish.
    Derek Wall (b. 1965)

    Fashion is the most intense expression of the phenomenon of neomania, which has grown ever since the birth of capitalism. Neomania assumes that purchasing the new is the same as acquiring value.... If the purchase of a new garment coincides with the wearing out of an old one, then obviously there is no fashion. If a garment is worn beyond the moment of its natural replacement, there is pauperization. Fashion flourishes on surplus, when someone buys more than he or she needs.
    Stephen Bayley (b. 1951)