What is postulate?

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Disengagement Theory - Postulates
... Cumming and Henry provided the following nine postulates for the "process of disengagement" Postulate 1 Everyone expects death, and one's abilities will likely deteriorate ... Postulate 2 Because individual interactions between people strengthen norms, an individual who has fewer varieties of interactions has greater freedom from the norms imposed by interaction ... Postulate 3 Because men have a centrally instrumental role in America, and women a socioemotional one, disengagement differs between men and women ...
Hammond's Postulate
... Hammond's postulate, also referred to as the Hammond–Leffler postulate, is a hypothesis, derived from transition state theory, concerning the transition state of organic chemical ...
SSS Postulate
... In geometry, the SSS postulate ("SSS" being short for "side, side, side") is a postulate stating that if two triangles have corresponding sides equal in length, then the ... More precisely, the postulate is as follows ... The SSS postulate corresponds closely to Proposition 4 in Book 1 of Euclid's Elements ...
Actual Idealism - Postulate
... what surpasses the conditions of every proposition, taking a known postulate as truth removes its criteria from having that capability in thinking ... Therefore this postulate maintains that thinking is an active process and the static conception of a thought is its dialectical opposite ...
Saccheri Quadrilateral - History
... Book I of Explanations of the Difficulties in the Postulates of Euclid ... including of course Saccheri), Khayyam was not trying to prove the parallel postulate as such but to derive it from an equivalent postulate he ... (correctly) refuted the obtuse and acute cases based on his postulate and hence derived the classic postulate of Euclid ...

More definitions of "postulate":

  • (verb): Maintain or assert.
    Synonyms: contend
  • (noun): (logic) a proposition that is accepted as true in order to provide a basis for logical reasoning.
    Synonyms: posit
  • (verb): Take as a given; assume as a postulate or axiom.
    Synonyms: posit