What is Nordic?

  • (adj): Resembling peoples of Scandinavia.
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Sami Culture - Sami Policy - Nordic
... the Supreme Court of Norway Professor Carsten Smith, submitted a proposal for a Nordic Sami Convention to the annual joint meeting of the ministers responsible for Sami affairs in Finland, Norway and Sweden and ... The convention has not yet been ratified in the Nordic countries ...
Nordic - In Popular Culture
... Nordic race, a race from the fictional Elder Scrolls game series, developed by Bethesda Game Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks ...
Severino Menardi - Further Notable Results - Nordic Combined
1933 1st, Italian championships of Nordic combined skiing 1934 1st, Italian championships of Nordic combined skiing 1936 1st, Italian championships of ...
MGP Nordic 2008
... Melodi Grand Prix Nordic 2008 was the fourth Nordic Melodi Grand Prix, a Scandinavian song contest for children ... The winner of the MGP Nordic 2008 was Norway's The BlackSheeps with "Oro jaska beana" ...
... For example 3D-Lipo and Cryolipo, a registered trademark owned by Cryotech Nordic Ltd are rapidly expanding in Europe ... Cryotech Nordic operates under the product brand CTN, and is the main provider of this technology in Nordic countries and the Baltic States ...

More definitions of "Nordic":

  • (adj): Relating to Germany and Scandinavia.
    Example: "Hitler wanted Nordic people to rule Europe"
  • (adj): Of or relating to or constituting the Scandinavian group of languages.
    Example: "Nordic languages have a gender system"