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Phillips Curve - NAIRU and Rational Expectations
... and the NAIRU (non-accelerating inflation rate of unemployment) arose to explain how stagflation could occur ... The latter theory, also known as the "natural rate of unemployment", distinguished between the "short-term" Phillips curve and the "long-term" one ... In the long run, only a single rate of unemployment (the NAIRU or "natural" rate) was consistent with a stable inflation rate ...
Labor Economics - The Macroeconomics of Labour Markets
... The participation rate is the number of people in the labour force divided by the size of the adult civilian noninstitutional population (or by the population of working age that is not ... The unemployment rate is defined as the level of unemployment divided by the labour force ... The employment rate is defined as the number of people currently employed divided by the adult population (or by the population of working age) ...
Natural Rate Of Unemployment - The Natural Rate and The Phillips Curve
... The development of the theory of the natural rate of unemployment came in the 1960s where economists observed that the Phillips-curve relationship between inflation and unemployment began ... Eventually, unemployment would return to the rate determined by real factors independent of the inflation rate ... the main cause of deviation in unemployment from the natural rate ...
Monetary-disequilibrium Theory - Monetary-equilibrium, Loanable Funds and Interest Rates
... The monetary equilibrium has implications for the rate of interest as there is a distinction between market rate of interest and natural rate of interest ... The market rate of interest is the rate that the banks are actually charging in the loanable funds market while natural rate of interest corresponds to the time preferences of savers and ... This will result in a fall in the market rate of interest as banks will try to lure new borrowers with their excess money supply, but the natural rate remains the same as no additional supply of loanable funds have ...

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    If I die prematurely at any rate I shall be saved from being bored to death at my own success.
    Samuel Butler (1835–1902)

    Yet I experienced sometimes that the most sweet and tender, the most innocent and encouraging society may be found in any natural object, even for the poor misanthrope and most melancholy man. There can be no very black melancholy to him who lives in the midst of nature and has his senses still.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)