What is motor cortex?

Motor Cortex

Motor cortex is a term that describes regions of the cerebral cortex involved in the planning, control, and execution of voluntary movements.

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The Supplementary Motor Cortex
... Penfield described a cortical motor area, the supplementary motor area (SMA), on the top or dorsal part of the cortex ... cord and because of its activity during simple movements, it may play a direct role in motor control rather than solely a high level role in planning sequences ... suggested that the SMA may have evolved in primates as a specialist in the part of the motor repertoire involving climbing and other complex locomotion ...
Medial Vestibulospinal Tract
... ventral horn of the cervical spinal circuits, particularly controlling lower motor neurons associated with the spinal accessory nerve (CN XI) ... nucleus · Posterior thoracic nucleus VIII–IX Anterior horn Interneuron · Alpha motor neuron (Onuf's nucleus) X Other Central gelatinous substance · Gray commissure Central canal · Terminal ... Acoustic radiation → Primary auditory cortex Vestibular inner ear Vestibular nerve VIII → pons Vestibular nuclei (Medial vestibular nucleus, Lateral vestibular nucleus ...
Neural Oscillation - Function - Motor Coordination
... Oscillations have been commonly reported in the motor system ... similar changes in oscillatory activity were found in motor cortex when the monkeys performed motor acts that required significant attention ... level become synchronised to beta oscillations in motor cortex during constant muscle activation, as determined by MEG/EEG-EMG coherence ...
Muscle Memory - Physiology - Strength Training and Adaptations
... When participating in any sport, new motor skills and movement combinations are frequently being used and repeated ... Muscle memory related to strength training probably involves elements of both motor learning, described below, and long-lasting changes in the muscle tissue ... To be specific, strength training enhances motor neuron excitability and induces synaptogenesis, both of which would help in enhancing communication between the nervous system ...
Motor Strip - Alternative Maps
... modifications to the classical somatotopic ordering of body parts have been reported in the primary motor cortex of primates ... In the monkey cortex, the digits of the hand are represented in a core area at the posterior edge of the primary motor cortex ... of the digits and wrist studied mainly in the human motor cortex ...

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