What is milled?

  • (adj): (of grains especially rice) having the husk or outer layers removed.
    Synonyms: polished

Some articles on milled:

Currency Of Spanish America - 1700–1746 Philip V - Milled Pillar Silver of 1732
... The milled pillar type of 1732, columnario in Spanish, was machine struck on a full-sized round planchet ... is the coin referred to in colonial contracts calling for payment in Spanish milled dollars ...
Coins Of The Hong Kong Dollar - Security Features
... The $10 coin has an alternate plain and milled edge ... The $5 coin has a milled edge ... A groove running within the milled edging contains raised English and Chinese characters, which read “Hong Kong Five Dollars” ...
Slovenian Tolar - Coins
1 tolar (1 tolar) 0.42 cent 22 mm 1.7 mm 4.5 g 78% copper 20% zinc 2% nickel Milled Value, state title, year of minting Brown trout, "SALMO TRUTTA FARIO" 4 January 2 ... tolarja (2 ...
Comparison Of The AK-47 And M16 - Manufacturing Philosophies - AK-47
... The AK-47's barrel and bolt were milled out of a steel billet and hard chromed ... originally designed to be stamped from sheet metal with a milled trunnion insert ... However, early production receivers were milled in one piece ...
Currency Of Spanish America - 1700–1746 Philip V - Milled Gold of 1732
... The first milled gold was also produced in 1732 at the Mexico City mint ... of gold cobs continued until 1750, after which time they were completely replaced by milled coinage ...

Famous quotes containing the word milled:

    Genghis Khan, in his usual jodhpurs accessorized with whip, straddled a canvas chair and gloated upon the fairyland he had built. Journalists, photographers, secretaries, sycophants, script girls, and set dressers milled and stirred around him, activity ... irresistibly reminiscent of the movement of maggots upon rotting meat.
    Angela Carter (1940–1992)