What is lagoon?

  • (noun): A body of water cut off from a larger body by a reef of sand or coral.
    Synonyms: laguna, lagune


A lagoon is a shallow body of water separated from a larger body of water by barrier islands or reefs. Lagoons are commonly divided into coastal lagoons and atoll lagoons. They have also been identified as occurring on mixed-sand and gravel coastlines. There is an overlap between bodies of water classified as coastal lagoons and bodies of water classified as estuaries. Lagoons are common coastal features around the world.

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Langa Langa Lagoon - History
... islands) namely Aoke, Kaloka and Rarata in Langa Langa lagoon, Laulasi, Alite Koalia and Gwa'ata – Ta'alulolo ... and outside to settle in the Langalanga lagoon ... Through inter-marriages, their descendants spread to the whole of the Langalanga lagoon ...
Langa Langa Lagoon
... Langa Langa Lagoon or Akwalaafu is a natural lagoon on the West coast of Malaita near the provincial capital Auki within the Solomon Islands ... The lagoon is 21 km in length and just under 1 km wide ... The "lagoon people" or "salt water men" live on small artificial islands built up on sand bars over time where they were forced to flee from the ...
Losap - Linguistics
... Chuukese words their accent is completely different from the lagoon people ... Lagoon People sile losap kile English knowledge lagoon people oput losap amwusak English hate lagoon people emenimen losap amelimel English Smile ...
Lagoon - Images
... Glenrock Lagoon in Australia Lagoa dos Patos lagoon in Brazil Venetian Lagoon as seen by Landsat 1, Veneto (Northeast Italy) Szczecin Lagoon as seen by Landsat c. 2000 Vistula and Curonian lagoons on the Baltic Sea Nearly half the area of Kiritimati is covered with lagoons, some freshwater and some seawater Blue lagoon, Ölüdeniz, Turkey Washdyke Lagoon in New Zealand ...
Lagoons Of South Africa - List of Lagoons of South Africa
... Place data as RDF Name Province Nearest Town Coordinates Remarks Sodwana Lagoon KwaZulu-Natal Sodwana Bay 27°32′S 32°40′E / 27.533°S 32.667°E / -27 ... Mdloti Lagoon KwaZulu-Natal Tongaat 29°38′S 31°7′E / 29.633°S 31.117°E / -29.633 31.117 Although fed by a river, its separated from the sea ... Ohlanga Lagoon KwaZulu-Natal Umhlanga 29°42′S 31°5′E / 29.700°S 31.083°E / -29.700 31.083 as above ...