What is kammerlader?


The Kammerlader, or "chamber loader", was the first Norwegian breech loading rifle, and among the very first breech loaders adopted for use by an armed force anywhere in the world. A single shot black powder rifle, the kammerlader was operated with a crank mounted on the side of the receiver. This made it much quicker and easier to load than the weapons previously used. Kammerladers quickly gained a reputation for being fast and accurate rifles, and would have been a deadly weapon against massed ranks of infantry.

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Kammerlader - Comparison With Contemporary Rifles
... The kammerlader is often claimed to be an outstanding weapon for its time ... Rifle Kammerlader M1849/55 Prussian Needle gun Effective range 1,000 m (1,100 yards) 600 m (650 yards) Rate of fire 6 to 8 rounds/minute (guesstimate, see article) 10 to 12 rounds/minute Calibre ...