What is initiate?

  • (verb): Take the lead or initiative in; participate in the development of.
    Synonyms: pioneer
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Some articles on initiate, initiates:

Hamatsa - The Ritual Practice
... In practice the Hamatsa initiate, almost always a young man at approximately age 25, is abducted by members of the Hamatsa society and kept in the forest in a ... the spirit of the man-eating giant is evoked and the initiate is brought in wearing spruce bows and gnashing his teeth and even biting members of the audience ... the society members succeed in taming the new "cannibal" initiate ...
Initiate's Trial
... Initiate's Trial is volume nine of the Wars of Light and Shadow by Janny Wurts ... Announced on February 22, 2011 - Initiate's Trial manuscript has been turned into the publisher and a date of October 11, 2011 has been confirmed as the release ...
Mithraist - Rituals and Worship - Ritual Re-enactments
... The initiates held a sacramental banquet, replicating the feast of Mithras and Sol ... On the cup, the initiate is depicted as led into a location where a Pater would be seated in the guise of Mithras with a drawn bow ... Accompanying the initiate is a mystagogue, who explains the symbolism and theology to the initiate ...
Cyril Scott - Literature - Prose
1920 The Initiate Some Impressions of a Great Soul (Anon.) 1920 The Adept of Galilee - A Story and an Argument (Anon.) 1924 Autobiography My Years of Indiscretion 1927 The Initiate in the New World (Anon ...
Samothrace Temple Complex - Cult of The Great Gods - The Initiation
... the initiation confined to a specific date and the initiate could on the same day attain two successive degrees of the mystery ... and special symbols were revealed to the mystes (μύστης) that is to say the initiate ... In return for this revelation, which was kept secret, the initiate was given the assurance of certain privileges Hope for a better life, and more particularly protection at sea, and possibly, as at Eleusius, the ...

More definitions of "initiate":

  • (verb): Bring up a topic for discussion.
    Synonyms: broach
  • (verb): Accept young people into society, usually with some rite.
    Synonyms: induct
  • (noun): People who have been introduced to the mysteries of some field or activity.
    Example: "It is very familiar to the initiate"
    Synonyms: enlightened
  • (verb): Prepare the way for.
    Synonyms: lead up

Famous quotes containing the word initiate:

    The need to become a separate self is as urgent as the yearning to merge forever. And as long as we, not our mother, initiate parting, and as long as our mother remains reliably there, it seems possible to risk, and even to revel in, standing alone.
    Judith Viorst (20th century)

    I feel free as a bird. I’m in a unique position because I’m the boss. I buy what I like. I initiate things. I can experiment with all kinds of things I think the kids might be interested in. Nobody interferes. For me, it’s no chore to go to work. Most people never get to do this at any time in their lives.
    Sarah Houghton, U.S. librarian. As quoted in Working, book 9, by Studs Terkel (1973)