What is informant?

  • (noun): Someone who sees an event and reports what happened.
    Synonyms: witness, witnesser
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An informant is a person who provides privileged information about a person or organization to an agency. The term is usually used within the law enforcement world, where they are officially known as confidential or criminal informants (CI), and can often refer pejoratively to the supply of information without the consent of the other parties with the intent of malicious, personal or financial gain. However, the term is used in politics, industry and academia.

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Some articles on informant:

The Informant!
... The Informant! is a 2009 American biographical-comedy-crime film directed by Steven Soderbergh ... of the mid-1990s as described in the 2000 nonfiction book The Informant, by journalist Kurt Eichenwald ...
List of Famous Informants
... Frank Lucas, New York drug dealer turned informant Joseph Valachi, soldier in the Genovese crime family Salvatore Vitale, former underboss of the Bonanno crime family ...
Spinka Financial Controversy
... of Greater Los Angeles article revealed from court documents that the FBI informant was a Jewish LA businessman ... According to the article, the informant had been wiretapped by the FBI in conversation with Spinka officials negotiating over the percentage of kickback to be kept ... According to an affidavit cited in the article, the scam was instigated by the informant’s father, a major LA Jewish philanthropist ...
Chess Informant
... Chess Informant (Šahovski Informator) is a publishing company from Belgrade (Serbia, former Yugoslavia) that periodically (since 2012, four volumes per year ... Chess Informant published two issues per year in 1966–90, three issues per year in 1991–2011 and four issues per year since 2012 ... Each issue since Chess Informant 5 has included a combinations section with problems from recent play ...

More definitions of "informant":

  • (noun): A person who supplies information.
    Synonyms: source