What is imprint?

  • (verb): Establish or impress firmly in the mind.
    Example: "We imprint our ideas onto our children"
    Synonyms: form
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In the publishing industry, an imprint can mean several different things:

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Some articles on imprint:

Shodensha - History
... They began their "Non-Novel" imprint in 1973, and their "Non-Pochette" imprint in 1975 ... In 2000, Shodensha created their Shodensha Gold imprint, and their most recent imprint, Shodensha Shinsho, was released in 2005 ...
Aurora Publishing
... Aurora Publishing's first release was Walkin' Butterfly under the shōjo imprint Aurora, which features manga targeting female readers in their teens and younger ... Aurora Publishing also released manga under two other imprints the yaoi imprint Deux Press featured female-oriented manga about homoerotic relations between beautiful men, while the josei ...
Maverick (Dark Horse) - History - Editorial Staff
... the line, she did not edit all titles (indeed, some titles such as Hellboy simply changed imprint without any changes in the editorial team working on them), instead she "over the whole line ...
Mycroft & Moran
... Mycroft Moran was an imprint of Arkham House publishers and was created in Sauk City, Wisconsin in 1945 ... The imprint was created to publish weird detective stories and the Solar Pons stories by August Derleth ... Arkham retired the imprint in 1982, but has recently allowed it to be revived by another small press publisher ...
Examples of Imprints/publishing Brand Names
... Below are a few examples of imprints (in the meaning of brand names), sorted by publishing company in alphabetical order ... It shows the diversity of imprints and how widely they are used in the publishing industry ... This list is intended to show examples, not be a comprehensive list, so no more than a few imprints per publishing house are given ...

More definitions of "imprint":

  • (noun): An identification of a publisher; a publisher's name along with the date and address and edition that is printed at the bottom of the title page.
    Example: "The book was publsihed under a distinguished imprint"
  • (noun): A device produced by pressure on a surface.
  • (noun): An impression produced by pressure or printing.
    Synonyms: embossment
  • (verb): Mark or stamp with or as if with pressure.
    Synonyms: impress
  • (noun): A distinctive influence.
    Example: "English stills bears the imprint of the Norman invasion"

Famous quotes containing the word imprint:

    Those who believe in their truth—the only ones whose imprint is retained by the memory of men—leave the earth behind them strewn with corpses. Religions number in their ledgers more murders than the bloodiest tyrannies account for, and those whom humanity has called divine far surpass the most conscientious murderers in their thirst for slaughter.
    E.M. Cioran (b. 1911)

    Even from their infancy we frame them to the sports of love: their instruction, behaviour, attire, grace, learning and all their words aimeth only at love, respects only affection. Their nurses and their keepers imprint no other thing in them.
    Michel de Montaigne (1533–1592)

    Everything that ever walked or crawled on the face of the earth, swum the depths of the ocean or soared through the skies left its imprint here.
    Robert M. Fresco, and Jack Arnold. Dr. Matt Hastings (John Agar)