What is hyphen?

  • (noun): A punctuation mark (-) used between parts of a compound word or between the syllables of a word when the word is divided at the end of a line of text.
    Synonyms: dash
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The hyphen () is a punctuation mark used to join words and to separate syllables of a single word. The use of hyphens is called hyphenation. The hyphen should not be confused with dashes (‒, –, —, ―), which are longer and have different uses, or with the minus sign (−) which is also longer.

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Hyphen (fanzine)
... Hyphen was an Irish science fiction fanzine published from 1952-1965 by Walt Willis in collaboration with James White, Bob Shaw and various others (Chuck Harris ... Hyphen was nominated for the Hugo Award for Best Fanzine in 1957 and 1959 and for the 1954 Retro Hugo (In 1958 editor Willis was awarded 1958 Hugo Award as 'Outstanding Actifan', which replaced the Best ... Damon Knight wrote in a letter of comment on issue #10 The reason Hyphen is so good, I take it, apart from the accidental assemblage of half a dozen geniuses in Britain, and the reason ...
Slovene Punctuation - Hyphen
... A hyphen (- or ‐) is a leaning punctuation mark (except where noted) ... would otherwise use the word in (and) between the parts, a hyphen is used zeleno-moder pulover (a green and blue jumper) but 'zelenomoder pulover' if the colour is a mix of green and blue (thus also 'etnocentričen ... She always falters at m (in the alphabet).) Hyphens are used non-syntactially in syllabification, when marking stems, suffixes, prefixes and similar (many examples at ...
Pe̍h-ōe-jī - Current System - Hyphens
... A single hyphen is used to indicate a compound ... A double hyphen is used when POJ is deployed as a full orthography (rather than as a transcription system) to indicate that the following syllable should be pronounced ... Morphemes following a double hyphen are often (but not always) grammatical function words ...
Hyphen - Unicode
... from dash and minus sign, Unicode has multiple hyphen characters U+2010 ‐ hyphen (HTML #8208) U+002D - hyphen-minus (HTML #45) (still not to be confused with U+2212 − minus sign) U+00AD soft hyphen (HTML #173 shy ...
Busko-Zdrój - Name of The City
... The name of the city written with the hyphen is a correct form (Busko-Zdrój) and the name written without hyphen is the colloquial form ... which adopted that all two articulate names should be written with a hyphen ...

More definitions of "hyphen":

  • (verb): Divide or connect with a hyphen.
    Synonyms: hyphenate