What is humanistic?

  • (adj): Marked by humanistic values and devotion to human welfare.
    Example: "Respect and humanistic regard for all members of our species"
    Synonyms: human-centered, human-centred, humanist, humanitarian
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Some articles on humanistic:

Clark Moustakas
... American psychologist and one of the leading experts on humanistic and clinical psychology ... He helped establish the Association for Humanistic Psychology and the Journal for Humanistic Psychology ... the author of numerous books and articles on humanistic psychology, education and human science research ...
Society For Humanistic Judaism
... The Society for Humanistic Judaism, founded in 1969 by Rabbi Sherwin Wine embraces a human-centered philosophy that combines the celebration of Jewish culture and ... The Society for Humanistic Judaism is the central body for the Humanistic Jewish Movement in North America and assists in organizing new communities, supporting its member communities, and in ... HuJews, the Humanistic Youth Group offers programs for teens and young adults, including an annual conclave ...
Daniel R. Schwarz - Contributions - Theory
... He explains his perspective in The Case for a Humanistic Poetics "Since humanistic criticism assumes that texts are by human authors for human ... the theoretical debates, arguing in The Humanistic Hertitage Critical Theories of the English Novel from James to Hillis Miller (1986) that there was an important ... In his The Case for a Humanistic Poetics (1989), he carefully defined his own approach ...
Michigan School Of Professional Psychology - Values
... and free-will, important components of human potential addressed by the humanistic model of psychotherapy ... While preserving its legacy of humanistic and existential roots, MiSPP integrates contemporary theories and practices to promote quality education of competent practitioner-scholars ... well-being of individuals and society through its leadership in humanistic and clinical psychology and the advancement of qualitative research ...
Marxist Geography - Criticism
... By contrast, humanistic geography is a differing critical geography that concentrates on human will and autonomy in explaining geographical patterns ... Unsurprisingly, much of the criticism directed at Marxists has emerged from the humanistic fold (although humanistic geography is itself seen as lacking for failing to ...

More definitions of "humanistic":

  • (adj): Of or pertaining to Renaissance humanism.
    Example: "The humanistic revival of learning"
    Synonyms: humanist
  • (adj): Pertaining to or concerned with the humanities.
    Example: "Humanistic studies"
    Synonyms: humanist, humane
  • (adj): Of or pertaining to a philosophy asserting human dignity and man's capacity for fulfillment through reason and scientific method and often rejecting religion.
    Synonyms: humanist