What is highest?

  • (adj): Approaching or constituting a maximum.
    Synonyms: peak
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Ojos Del Salado
... Andes on the Argentina-Chile border and the highest volcano in the world at 6,893 metres (22,615 ft) ... It is also the second highest mountain in the Western Hemisphere and Southern Hemisphere and the highest in Chile ... (370 mi) north of Aconcagua, the highest mountain in the Western Hemisphere at 6,962 m (22,841 ft) ...
Human Development Index - Past Top Countries
... Norway have been ranked the highest nine times, Canada eight times, followed by Japan which has been ranked highest three times ... Iceland has been ranked highest twice ...
Vejle Boldklub - Achievements
... 43 seasons in the Highest Danish League 17 seasons in the Second Highest Danish League 9 seasons in the Third Highest Danish League ...
Ollie (skateboarding) - Records
... The highest official flat ground ollies are generally performed in ollie contests ... The highest preferred stance ollie was 45.00 inches (114.3 cm) from the ground, performed by Aldrin Garcia ... The highest switch stance ollie was 40.125 inches (101.92 cm), performed by Gavin Caperton ...
IF Elfsborg - Records
5 July 2012* Highest attendance, Ryavallen 22,654 vs ... IFK Norrköping, 1961 Highest attendance, Borås Arena 17,070 vs ... Kalmar FF, 4 July 2005 Highest attendance, Ramnavallen 16,340 vs ...

More definitions of "highest":

  • (adj): Highest and most significant.
    Example: "His highest achievement"

Famous quotes containing the word highest:

    How many young hearts have revealed the fact that what they had been trained to imagine the highest earthly felicity was but the beginning of care, disappointment, and sorrow, and often led to the extremity of mental and physical suffering.
    Catherine E. Beecher (1800–1878)

    The highest form of development is to govern one’s self.
    Zerelda G. Wallace (1817–1901)

    Literature is where I go to explore the highest and lowest places in human society and in the human spirit, where I hope to find not absolute truth but the truth of the tale, of the imagination and of the heart.
    Salman Rushdie (b. 1947)