What is harness?

  • (verb): Exploit the power of.
    Example: "Harness natural forces and resources"
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Cornell University Satellite - The Team - Subsystems - Harness
... The Harness subsystem is responsible for satellite wiring, the electronics backplane, the electrical interface boards, and any System level electrical concerns ...
... A terret is a metal loop on horse harness, guiding the reins and preventing them from becoming tangled or snagged on the harness ... Most harness has two pairs of terrets, one on the harness saddle, and one on the hames of the collar (or on the neck-strap of a breast collar) ... of four or more, or in tandem), each terret on the rear animal's harness may be divided into two, allowing the reins for the forward and rear animals to be kept separate ...
Meadow Skipper
... Niatross is believed by many to be the greatest harness horse of all time ... He was Harness Horse of the Year as a two and three year old in 1979 and 1980, won the Triple Crown of Harness Racing for Pacers and obliterated the world record by ...
STABO - History
... The STABO harness/rig was a machine-stitched, skeletonized harness, very similar to that of a standard parachute harness ... The harness webbing was made of heavy duty nylon, identical to the type used in the manufacture of parachute harnesses ... The STABO rig served two main functions it was itself an extraction harness and also served as the base for the operator's load bearing equipment in the ...
... Harness may also refer to Cable harness Harness (comics), a character in the Marvel Comics universe Plate armour Test harness, in software testing Harness racing, horse racing Loom harness, a component of a loom ...

More definitions of "harness":

  • (verb): Keep in check.
    Synonyms: rule, rein
  • (verb): Put a harness.
    Example: "Harness the horse"
    Synonyms: tackle
  • (noun): A support consisting of an arrangement of straps for holding something to the body (especially one supporting a person suspended from a parachute).
  • (noun): Stable gear consisting of an arrangement of leather straps fitted to a draft animal so that it can be attached to and pull a cart.

Famous quotes containing the word harness:

    Is my team ploughing,
    That I was used to drive
    And hear the harness jingle
    When I was man alive?
    —A.E. (Alfred Edward)

    O thou day o’ th’ world,
    Chain mine armed neck, leap thou, attire and all,
    Through proof of harness to my heart, and there
    Ride on the pants triumphing!
    William Shakespeare (1564–1616)

    Leadership does not always wear the harness of compromise. Once and again one of those great influences which we call a Cause arises in the midst of a nation. Men of strenuous minds and high ideals come forward.... The attacks they sustain are more cruel than the collision of arms.... Friends desert and despise them.... They stand alone and oftentimes are made bitter by their isolation.... They are doing nothing less than defy public opinion, and shall they convert it by blows. Yes.
    Woodrow Wilson (1856–1924)