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Education In Lithuania - Vocational Training An Life Long Learning - Adult Education
18 years of age, they are offered a variety of opportunities for further education ... It is possible to continue one’s education in general education schools and centres for adults, by taking various courses or just using the Internet, reading books, or being interested in ... Adults can obtain primary, basic or secondary education in adult schools, education centres, and general education schools with forms established for adults ...
Education In Hamburg - General Education
... Besides regular German schools and kindergarten, an International School of Hamburg and a French school exist ... Both offer an education in the respective language from kindergarten to secondary school ...
Career And Technical Education - VET Internationally - Hungary
... school (at age 14) students are directed to one of three types of upper secondary education one academic track (gymnasium) and two vocational tracks ... (szakközépiskola) provide four years of general education and also prepare students for the maturata ... These schools combine general education with some specific subjects, referred to as pre-vocational education and career orientation ...
Philip H. Rhinelander - Biography
... at that institution as a faculty member teaching philosophy and general education ... Rhinelander the Director of General Education, and, also, the Chairman of the Committee on General Education ... Policy, the Committee on Student Affairs, the Committee Undergraduate Education, and the Inter-Fraternity Board ...
Education In Mongolia - History - Situation in The 1980s
... In 1981 education consumed 20 percent of the state budget, and by 27 ... percent (511,200) of the country's population was enrolled in educational institutions from primary through university levels ... The education system, based on the Soviet model, had eight years of compulsory education and a ten-year school system, enrolling students between the ages of seven ... The first four years were primary education the second four, were secondary ...

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    The Cairo conference ... is about a complicated web of education and employment, consumption and poverty, development and health care. It is also about whether governments will follow where women have so clearly led them, toward safe, simple and reliable choices in family planning. While Cairo crackles with conflict, in the homes of the world the orthodoxies have been duly heard, and roundly ignored.
    Anna Quindlen (b. 1952)

    That sort of half sigh, which, accompanied by two or three slight nods of the head, is pity’s small change in general society.
    Charles Dickens (1812–1870)