What is gathering?

  • (noun): The act of gathering something.
    Synonyms: gather
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More definitions of "gathering":

  • (noun): A group of persons together in one place.
    Synonyms: assemblage
  • (noun): Sewing consisting of small folds or puckers made by pulling tight a thread in a line of stitching.
    Synonyms: gather
  • (adj): Accumulating and becoming more intense.
    Example: "The gathering darkness"
    Synonyms: deepening, thickening

Famous quotes containing the word gathering:

    And from a cliff top is proclaimed
    The gathering of the souls for birth,
    The trial by existence named,
    The obscuration upon earth.
    Robert Frost (1874–1963)

    ... gathering news in Russia was like mining coal with a hatpin.
    Mary Heaton Vorse (1874–1966)

    This wild night, gathering the washing as if it were flowers
    animal vines twisting over the line and
    slapping my face lightly, soundless merriment
    in the gesticulations of shirtsleeves ...
    Denise Levertov (b. 1923)